How To Make It Big Being An Independent Escort?

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Working in Toronto as an independent escort is just way too much fun. There is always this sense of relief and enjoyment that whatever I’m doing, I’m getting all of the compensation. I know it is kind of hard for the beginners to make an impact in this escort industry especially when working independently. Working in an Toronto escorts agency is another level altogether. One of my peers who works in an reputed agency told me that the life she lives is extraordinary. Escort agencies take care of every needs whatsoever. But, there is a price to it. I’ll come to that later.

As I was saying, it is hard to make a solid impact in the industry as an independent escort service provider for newbies. But, where there is a will, there is always a way. I started this journey of mine back in 2010 where I decided to go for it after my education. Yes, we are educated. There is hell lot of difference between an escort and a hooker.

While conducting research on the career opportunities in escort industry, I was pretty much sure that I’m looking to work for an established escort agency. I made a list of agencies based on their reviews, websites and everything which I could find back then. I contacted them and interviews were conducted. I got hired by one of the most famous escort agencies running successfully in Toronto for more than 10 years.

My first year there was just like a fairy tale. I was getting training in all the aspects of escorts services. Workshops were conducted for the freshers in order to make us understand how delicate the relationship between an escort and the client is. Competitions were there. It was all party! In return, the agency was taking a big cut from my earnings. Well there is nothing wrong is it. It is a business and we, being the employees, were getting paid pretty well.

I guess that was not enough for me and thus after 1 and a half years, I decided to go independent. This was not tough on me. I had saved enough during the agencies days that I could meet my ends for 2-3 months straight. This is a very important thing to do. My advise to all the Toronto escorts who are reading this blog will be save as much as you can because you never know when you are in need of money and the source is not there.

I posted my advertisements in different escort directories. mostly were paid ads because those are the ones which really attract the potential clients. The marketing I did for myself was indeed very fruitful. I got responses from all over the country and then even from out of country. I have been to France, England, Amsterdam, and dozens to other countries on my clients’ requests. I don’t think I would have made this big working for an agency. I am earning 300% more from what I used to earn while working for the agency.

There is not sure-fire rule of making it big as an independent escort. I would recommend you to work for an agency at the start as there you’ll learn what it is required. Then, after a year or two, fly high independently!

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