Rachel’s First Client When She Decided To Become An Escort

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The first client for any escort is special. Not only does it mark the beginning of her career, but it also presents a reality check for the individual as to on what levels is the individual ready for an escorting career. Many Toronto escorts decide to leave the business and take an exit just after the first client itself, citing various reasons which most often include not being prepared emotionally and mentally enough to handle such a competitive and intimate profession.

Many escorts work for sometime and then in greed of money, they tend to overwork which takes a toll on their physical and mental stress after a few months, and then they start losing it. Such escorts take an exit too. And then there are upscale Toronto escorts like Rachel, who are crafted for this profession. It is indeed a miracle how many evenings she has saved from being a complete disaster, and it wouldn’t be a hyperbole to call her the Mistress of Seduction. Since we started with the importance of the very first encounter, also known as ‘the initiation’, we bring you the story of Rachel’s first client.

Rachel was working with a large reputed Multinational Corporation after having finished her master’s degree in business management. She wasn’t the kind of a person who would waste too much time on the emotional aspects of the relationships, although she was a master of the art of sensuality and seduction. Soon she found herself looking for something extra, apart from her job, to expand her horizons as a person, and hence she decided to become an escort.

Her first client was a twenty three year old single boy, whose parents had recently divorced. When the client spoke to her for the first time on the phone, it was evident that he was sad and Rachel was a bit stressed, as her responsibilities as an escort had just risen up. Not only did she have to satisfy him, she also had to cheer him up first. When she went to his doorstep for an outcall, she saw a good looking man, who was upset and wasn’t even sure if he wanted to continue with the encounter. What Rachel did next was remarkable. She started a conversation about why the client was sad. Then she struck a chord with the client by improvising and saying that her parents too, had got divorced recently and that was the reason she got into this profession.

While carrying on this simple, innocent conversation she began dropping hints of intimacy and soon the client was where she wanted, both emotionally and physically. She offered the client a massage for which he undressed, and lied on the bed. She used some oils which were already there for her, and carried forward with providing the boy sensual touches of her body and her womanhood.

A few moments later they both were over each other, and they shared a bond of sensuality that they even share till now. Needless to say, the boy became a regular, and is one of her top clients even till today. There are many other escorts with Ace Toronto escorts too who have had success into turning many similar evenings into a successful encounter.


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